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Judi Adams Customizing appropriate messages for specific audiences
Rania Agil Triticale bran: A novel dietary source of prebiotics and antioxidants in fermented dairy products
Deann Akins-Lewenthal Supply chain management for maintaining microbiological integrity of processed grain ingredients
Sajid Alavi Enhancement of antioxidant capacity and dietary fiber profile of expanded snacks utilizing fruit and vegetable pomaces.
Ann Albertson Ready-to-eat cereals and breakfast: Association with healthy body weight and other indicators of healthy lifestyle
Randy Allen Analysis of drought tolerance candidate genes in transgenic plants
Elizabeth Arndt Effect of particle size on fiber and other bioactives in wheat bran and whole wheat flour
Susan Arntfield Influence of the particle size of pulse flours on their incorporation of into pan and pita breads
Kennichi Asada Inhibitory effect of 0.19 AI inhibitor from wheat kernel on the activity and stability of porcine pancreas alpha-amylase
Anna-Marja Aura Prospects and considerations of in vitro digestion models applied to cereal ingredients
Susann Bellmann Introduction: Physiological relevant in vitro digestion models
Trust Beta Antioxidant properties of regular- and whole wheat spaghetti and LC/MS analysis of their C-glycosyl flavones and secoisolariciresinol diglucoside
Andreia Bianchini Strategies to reduce microbial load in wheat flour and the effects of processing on functional properties
Ann Blechl Combining genetics and biotechnology to improve wheat nutrition and processing attributes
Andreas Blennow Barley starch bioengineering for high phosphate and amylose
Jayne Bock Bran influences water distribution and gluten secondary structure in model dough systems,/i>
Francesco Bonomi Mapping the molecular determinants of inter-protein network formation in gluten
Lindsay Bourre Addition of grain legume or pulse flours on the quality of dried Asian white salted noodles
Kent Bradford The regulatory bottleneck for biotech crops
Jeffrey Byars Thickeners from normal and high-amylose corn starch with sodium palmitate
Mary Ellen Camire Retention of anthocyanins, phenolics, and antioxidant activity during blue corn extrusion.
F. William Collins Oat avenanthramides: Acute bioavailability in older adults when administered in an oat bran muffin containing high endogenous avenanthramides
Les Copeland Genotype and environment effects on functional properties of wheat starch
Christophe Courtin Xylanase inhibitors in cereals: Relevance for plant physiology and cereal processing
Hema Damecharla Potential differences in the bran of red compared with white wheat near-isogenic lines: Impact on Fusarium mycotoxin levels in the grain
Jan Delcour Endoxylanase inhibitors in cereals: Discovery and biochemical characterisation.
Jan Delcour Wheat bran-derived arabinoxylan oligosaccharides: A novel soluble dietary fibre with prebiotic properties
Todd Dick Production and processing of whole grain pasta products in relation to end-product quality
Clyde Don The formation of glutenin macropolymer and large glutenin structures as induced by a dough mixing-heating cycle.
George Fahey Recent advances in the area of carbohydrate function and colonic health
Robert A . Field Small molecule inhibitors to dissect starch degradation during cereal germination
Pooba Ganeshan A novel immature spike culture-derived variant creation strategy for mutation-mining in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Robert G. Gilbert Constraints and work-arounds on the genetics of starches for beneficial colonic health
Morgan Goodall High-digestibility, high-lysine (HDHL) sorghum grain contains kafirins which participate in the protein network of composite dough and bread
Brinda Govindarajan Q & A
Kathryn Greaves Protein enrichment in cereal products: A nutrition perspective.
Kathryn Greaves Carbohydrates and satiety.
Aynur Gunenc Potential of alkylresorcinols in Canadian red hard and red soft wheat bran and their stability during baking
David Hahn The changing world of pasta�Regulatory challenges for blended pasta products
Cliff Hall Microbiological profile and food safety risk of wheat flour
Bruce Hamaker Structural features of slow fermenting soluble fibers.
Sandra Hill Potential roles for sodium during the creation of cereal products
John Hoffmann Food safety from the perspective of soy industry
Scott Hood Preventing the next recall�Predicting the future by learning from the past
Gary Hou Developing barley-fortified wheat flour-based foods
Tatsuya Ikeda Comparison of glutenin subunit composition among North American hard wheat classes.
Alexander Jess Working through regulatory channels to promote the consumption of breakfast cereals - an EU example.
Julie M. Jones Engaging the medical profession in communicating nutrition messages.
Julie M. Jones Are there reasons to support the recommendation to allow up to half of the grain choices be enriched, refined grains?
Talwinder Kahlon Whole grain gluten-free flat breads
Nancy Keim Academic perspective on translation of the guidelines and future areas of health and nutrition research
Alecia Kiszonas Quantification of wheat pentosans using a phloroglucinol colorimetric assay
David M. Klurfeld Should Dietary Guidance endorse whole grain foods at the potential expense of bran foods?
Ben Koch Low-cost protein-enriched products
Peter Koehler Gluten structure and celiac disease�Multidisciplinary approaches
Byung-Hoo Lee Slow digestion of synthesized highly branched starch-based structures at the mucosal a-glucosidase level suggest slow glucose delivery to the body
Ron Madl Overview of bioactive compounds in common cereal grains, their benefits and processing challenges
Sandra Mandato Couscous process engineering: Toward a better understanding of the contribution of the mechanical input during agglomeration
Matti Marklund Alkylresorcinol metabolites as biomarkers for intake of whole grain wheat and rye
Len Marquart Food technology innovations to help incorporate grain-based foods into the diet.
Len Marquart Grain-based foods in the marketplace: Opportunities for health and technical challenges.
Helen Masey O'Neill A new method for assessing the effect of variable gastric conditions on cereal digestion in monogastric animals
Barry McCleary Opening General Session and Awards Ceremony
Dennis Murray The effect of lipid extraction on physical and material properties of gluten
Leonnard O. Ojwang Anti-inflammatory properties of cowpea phenotypes with different phenolic profiles
Deirdre Ortiz The business impact of mycotoxins
Lizette Oudhuis Healthy carbohydrates for the manufacture of food and nutrition
Mervin Poole Image-based modelling of bread firmness
Robert C. Post USDA perspective on translation of the guidelines to consumers.
Ximena Quintero-Fuentes Introduction and Sponsors
Oscar Ramos Response of wheat plants to stress as expressed by antioxidant levels in the grain
Daniel Ramseyer Arabinoxylan distribution and functionality in selected flour mill streams and effect on flour blending
Indira Ratnayaka Assessment of DNA extraction methods for PCR testing of discontinued or unapproved biotech events in single seeds of canola, flax, and soybean
John Richard Molds, mycotoxins, and mycotoxicoses�Current status, problems, and future needs
Gi-Hyung Ryu Product qualities of Korean puffed rice snack (Yukwa) by using vacuum puffing machine
Martin Scanlon Dough as a power law gel material.
Koushik Seetharaman Unfolding gluten: An overview of the current understanding of gluten structure.
Shan Shang Effects of glycerol on water properties and steaming performance of prefermented frozen dough
Joanne Slavin 2010 Dietary Guidelines: Committee perspective
Joanne Slavin Fiber and body weight
Joanne Slavin Does the currently available scientific literature support a continued recommendation for foods with added fibers?
Ed Souza Candidate gene approach for wheat quality improvement.
Jerald Sullivan Antioxidant assay development to guide the development of high-antioxidant wheat
Lydia Tooker Midness Session Introduction
Mehmet Tulbek Beyond wheat- Review of pasta products made with multigrains, pulses, fibers, and other ingredients
Marc van der Maarel The use of starch derivatives in reduced or low-fat formulations
Koen Venema How to simulate the physiological parameters of the colon using in vitro models
Walter von Reding Techniques to produce enriched bioactive components in cereals (wheat) with outlook on fermentation to improve bioavailability.
Shujun Wang A polymeric perspective on mechanism of effect of acid hydrolysis on gelatinization of pea starch: Does gelatinization really happen?
Kathy Wiemer Retail-Food industry perspective on the translation of the guidelines
Philip Williams Application of chemometrics to prediction of some wheat quality factors by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Jing Zhong Effects of LAB fermentation on physical properties of oat flour and its suitability for noodle making

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